Northface Bookbags

Northface Bookbags is sought after for their classic style, durability and the lightweight material that provide the user with the option of carrying more than one item. These bags have a classic appearance with leather detailing, lumbar and hip pockets for additional storage, and removable shoulder straps that allow the user to adjust to the shape of their back.

northface bookbags


The bags feature the patented Clip-in Style that allows for quick and easy access to the items stored inside. This style is also ideal for use as an airplane carry-on. The bags are also made of a breathable fabric, which allows for airflow, which keeps the user cool.


The quality of the bags makes them a good investment as they are not a cheap alternative for cheaper bags and can last a long time. The Northface Bookbag is making to endure any weather conditions and is very suitable for use in either wet or dry environments.


For a comfortable style, a combination of full or half panels make it possible to use the bag as a regular briefcase. The full panel bags have padding on the outside and inner panels while the half panel bag has padding on the outside and inner panels as well. The pockets can be turned outwards to create an open pouches for organization and an inside pocket for a laptop computer.


Most of the Northface Bookbags are waterproof, which is great for both wear and function in cold weather seasons. This ensures that they do not lose their style and functionality when the weather turns harsh. In order to maintain their waterproof condition, the bags need to be taken care of on a regular basis so they retain their stylish look as well as their waterproof condition.


For this reason, the bags need to be washed regularly as they are in use for the winter months. They should be dried in air on low or by laying flat to get rid of excess moisture. Sunlight is also a factor, as the colors fade fast when exposed to the sun.


The bags are made from durable materials that offer a long time of comfort and utility. It is important to note that the Northface Bookbags come in a range of sizes so there is something to suit every user regardless of height and weight.


Users can choose from several different types of straps to secure the bag securely. The lumbar strap is made of strong leather and makes it easier to carry heavy items without the bag from bouncing around. The shoulder strap has small loops for convenience and can be adjusted to fit the user's individual needs.


The outside lining is a combination of nylon and microfiber which give the bag a cleaner and neater appearance. The inner lining is made of durable canvas material, which keeps the user's belongings dry.


For those who enjoy a more active lifestyle, there are options available for carrying a laptop. There are designs such as drawstring laptop compartments. The Messenger Bag is made for additional space for a phone, book or other small items that are used during an active lifestyle.


Leather interior linings provide a protective barrier against abrasion, cuts and stains and also give a warm feeling in the pockets. When a bag is wet or becomes wet, it is easily cleaned using the machine-washable fabric that comes with the bag.


Leather is the most popular material to use for products used on the streets. The Northface Bookbags offer protection against these abrasion effects and also make a fashion statement for their comfort. A bag is often used as a standard item on the person's wardrobe and is also fashionable for use in areas where clothing is not allowed.